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Seek Up: Prayer

The images of prayer always seem so man made to me. A child beside the bed with hands together, eyes closed, reciting something they memorized at bible school. The premise is sweet, but the truth is we all pray in moments we least expect.

It’s the inner-voice you often call intuition. You question something and then somehow there is an answer in your heart and mind. You wonder about someone and they call. You think about writing a painful condolence card/letter and the words just pour onto paper and read as if it is not your writing. You surrender and suddenly it turns around.

There isn’t a certain time of the day, or a particular place you need to do it. You don’t need to be in a church or beside a bed. You can be floating on top of a beautiful Aruba ocean with your eyes on the sky (one of my personal favorites), or in the midst of a bustling New York City while speed walking to the subway. You can be anywhere, doing anything, and have complete access to God. It is the beauty of His glory. He has made all things which means he is IN all things.

This is often hard to imagine when someone has really pissed you off, or you have witnessed something really ugly in the world. The thing is we are brought here to feel certain things, see certain things, and have to ability of choice. You can choose ugly, negative, evil in the world. Or you can choose light, positive, joy. People so often forget that they choose the demeanor they want to live. A huge part of being uplifted is being God centered. Being God centered is making the time for prayer.

Prayer often gets a bad rap for asking God for things. In everyone’s time in need it is the “go to” for a quick fix, and the poor man upstairs gets a bum rap when it isn’t answered. The thing is it is always answered, it just might not be the answer you want. Plus prayer isn’t about asking for things. It is about seeking clarity, a closer relationship to Him, concerns for others, and being THANKFUL.

It takes mere seconds to thank Him. Anything and everything that puts a smile to your face or lifts you up is a glorious reason. So is challenging moments when it is so easy to blame Him, or wonder where He is in your time of need. There is always a reason. Always.

Today alone I have learned a dear friend of mine is pregnant with twins (JOYOUS) while a fellow uplifting blogger is living her last days on earth. You may not think the latter is a joyous occasion too, but it is. She is finished with her journey here and going to a place that can only be described as euphoric and incredible. I am thankful to two new lives coming to this earth, and for the one that I have never met but shared such glorious, positive words to her readers.

Take time just in thought to think of what you are thankful for today. Think of those that need your prayers. Ask questions you are deeply seeking answers too. He is listening. He is there. He is everywhere.

Seek Up.


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I was gifted/blessed with dying so young. It was my yellow brook road on how to live. The only problem with living with such a blessing is I hadn’t a clue how to speak of it. The experience was grand, and unscientific. I learned early on about none believers. Heck I even had some in my family that thought I was either lying, or had a fantastic imagination. So instead I kept it all in for twenty some odd years. A secret I knew I was meant to tell when I had a perfect platform to speak of it. That day certainly came last Spring on a sound stage in D.C. Now that it is told, and I am “out” (soon to be completely outed on national tv), I am unsure where this journey will take me. All that I am sure of is it is meant to help others and believe in faith.

I attended a party today that included very few people who knew of my story. The tv show topic came up and suddenly it was a BIG deal. My initial worry was people asking questions and not believing me. My words on this topic are so hard to gather because of the grandeur of the experience. It is the utter most important part of my being–how exactly do you share that with others–or in fact–the world?

Luckily the two people who inquired were believers. One of which so wanted more confirmation of a passed loved one and all of the details of where the person is. I tried my best to deliver (although hard amidst a party filled with kids including 2 of my own pulling at me). I was still quite guarded about what I said, and every word that came out of my mouth was very well thought out. I know the person felt great relief by my story which moved me incredibly.

This led me to this… is that my soul purpose?

A natural question for someone who has dedicated their lives in helping others by being a Social Worker & Teacher. It almost came to me as if both of those major careers were mere stepping-stones to what I am supposed to do. Which leads me to two very important things I have heard time and time again in prayer:
-“What have you done for your fellow-man” (just like what I heard in heaven)
-“like Oprah”.
I know you didn’t expect the latter–believe me neither did I. Almost every time I meditate and sit in prayer “like Oprah” is spoken. Clearly I can not BE Oprah but… I can live like her (and I don’t mean money obviously). Oprah’s purpose can be the exact same as mine just in very different ways.

God centered & changing lives.

That’s it.

Now if only I can find the language to do God’s Kingdom justice. After all, every word I speak when trying to assure someone that their loved one is safe & happy, HAS TO BE perfect. You do not want to “represent” the big man the wrong way.

With this, I ask God to continue to fill me with knowledge, and the ability to deliver His message through my very special story with grace, ease, and power.

May you find your calling and life’s purpose and be on your own way to God’s greatest gift…. to return HOME.

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