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I woke to a new year, staring at the wall of the old me. It had incapsulated much of who I had been over the past few years since I made it, but it was falling short of who I have become and where I am going. This vision board I once dreamed of, was now semi-history, yet it was the first thing i woke up to every single day.

Poetic some would say, on how I had been living my life. One foot in the box of my past, the other in the present, and no eligible foot for the future. In order to make room for the future, i had to let go of what might feel comfortable, but no longer serving the spirit of radical transformation.

So I climbed up on the ladder and took it down. It wasn’t ”new year new me“. It was making way for God to press new things into my life, while letting the things He already declared dead, to fall away. I happen to be the worst at fall away. I want to carry it all in colorful life luggage with me, because at one point it served a purpose and I loved it. However, I am learning that carrying dead things impact your wellness physically, mentally, and spiritually. They are just to heavy when they no longer are baring fruit.

So for a few days I looked at this board and what I once saw as my future intentions. Some my spirit rebuked even at the sight, some I still longed to happen, and some I had already done but was still declaring it new. Today I decided my 2018 vision board would be updated to 2022 Aimee. I decided to keep the things I’m still working on, keep the things I intend for the future, and I added a lot of things that resonate with me. In 2018 health concerns weren’t in my wheelhouse, either was living in another state, or being transformed at such a rapid pace.

I added one of my favorite pictures of Jesus pulling out of the water, and this time I wrote my prayers/intentions underneath it as a declaration of my rooted footings in the present and the future.

Now I will wake up everyday to possibility.


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