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Early in February, I was convinced I had the flu. I woke up one day with a sore throat and a low grade fever. It grew into exhaustion, a dry cough, ear pain, extreme body aches, and losing my breath just from walking from one room to the next. I literally said out loud to my husband that I felt like I was dying.

I first went to my doctors office. They asked me to wear a mask. It wasn’t my regular physician. He spent about five minutes with me, tested me for the flu and for strep (which came back negative), and said “seems like you have some weird bronchitis type of thing”. He prescribed me antibiotics.

Two days went by and I felt even worse. I went to the CVS minute clinic. They retested me for the flu and strep. We both were convinced one of these would come back positive. I could barely keep my head up or breathe walking from one area to the other. Both tests came back negative. She looked in my ear and said I had an infection. She said, “although you have an ear infection, this isn’t the whole story. There is something else going on here that I can’t seem to diagnosis”. She gave me a new antibiotic and told me if symptoms became worse, to call the doctor or go to my nearest emergency room.

A few days later I felt back to myself somewhat. It was a good ten days I had a mild fever and symptoms that seem to gain momentum, back off, and then come back harder. It took another two weeks after that, to regain a normal breathing pattern.

This was literally weeks before Covid-19 Pandemic broke out. I am convinced I had the virus. I am convinced there was many more like me. How many of us were diagnosed with some “weird bronchitis type of thing” or told “there is something else going on”?How many others could I have infected? In the weeks between my sickness and the lockdown, I had been a lot places including two air planes and another state!

For me, yes I got “healthy” again in ten days time, but I also felt like I was drowning and aching for that entire span. I had never in my life felt something quite like it. So for the people in the back saying it is just a mild cold, the government is over reacting, it doesn’t affect my age group: I fought to breathe, open my eyes, and move my aching body, everyday of that ten day span. I am grateful to be alive.

Little did I know weeks later, these were the main symptoms the world would be concerned over. Little did I know wearing a mask would be key to entering the public. Little did I know we would be asked for months to stay in our homes. Little did I know this “weird bronchitis type virus” would not only kill the old or immune compromised, but many of all ages.

Little did I know, our lives would significantly change not only as a person, or a family, but a nation.




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