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Bold Faith

It was my word for 2020. I’ve been carrying it on my back and in my heart since.
Be bold and do what He calls upon me.

I certainly didn’t expect it today when I was getting my eye brows waxed, He would call upon me in such a brazen way.
You see- I usually need to “tune into” my giftings to utilize them.
Apparently being still in someone’s chair as they rip hairs off my face – must equal my zen state or something because I started to get clear messages.
I heard words and saw visions.
Secretly while Maria waxed my brows (who, I may add, knows me but isn’t my normal Waxer who really knows me), I begged God to NOT make me open my mouth and “embarrass” myself.
She handed me a mirror to check my new framed brows.
I took a deep breath and said “I don’t know if you know what I do for a living but I have an important question for you”.
I asked her: “when you were little did anyone ever call you their little flower”
She said no – not her.
I turned to the girls at the front desk and said “either of you?”. They said no.
I apologized (and I am while also working on not doing this and owning my truth), and walked out worried my safe brow waxing place would now think of me as a freak.

As I got into my car, I heard “petunia” and “grandparent”. Part of me wanted to go back in, but my ego won and I drove away just comforting myself with “at least you were bold Aimee”.

I got home and was telling the story to my husband, when I suddenly got a message. It was a text from the girl at the front desk of my wax place to tell me her grandmother used to call her “little petunia”.
In most of my cases, usually this means the spirit is on the otherside, however today this spirit is very much alive and living in Sarasota, FL. Which funny enough – while getting my brows done, and before getting the messages, I had shared I was moving too! Through texting we figured out why she needed this message and she thanked me.

I was left wondering: What was that? While also feeling the most alive and the most ME I have ever been! Why? Because these are things I hear and see all the time , but choose ignore often.

I have been calling it my very “Long Island Medium” moment. While also knowing this is just the start. I opened something up today that felt really right, but incredibly scary.
Regardless of what others may say, I know that this is what I was made for, and the only opinion that matters is Christ.
When He tells me I must open my mouth. I do. I will not ask questions. I will not hesitate. I will do as He says, without worry of what man says.
Today He opened the door that I have stood at with my hand on the handle for decades now. Today I was brave enough to walk through it.

Whatever your gifting may be that He has crowned you with- walk through the doors He leads you to- unapologetically and with radical JOY. Even when – especially when- it feels like you may just vomit. His calling is most apparent when you can not do the work without Him. That it glorifies HIM and not the vessel.

Today the vessel (me), was scared of her own shadow, but the Holy Spirit in me- is unwavering. It stands tall and mighty, and reminds my human flesh – that it isn’t ME – it is HIM.

He is BOLD and Radical. May my backbone stretch out to be perfectly aligned with what He calls to run through me.
May my ONLY wish ever be that I am remembered for living the same BOLD faith that I preach.


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