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Serving The Server

8B8DF83B-4E2A-45AC-8CDA-21F218707834“Hi I’m Aimee, I’m happy to be here. Before we start I just want to be clear about a few things: death brings me JOY and my soul focus is Jesus. Are you ok with that?”

He smiles and says, “He is my main man, honey. I am grateful you are here.” I went on to tell him about the day I died and went to Heaven, and came back to this life.

Never in my life did I ever anticipate that I would be standing at the feet of a beautiful soul helping it to receive the gift of end of life peace through our creator. Never in my life.

A week prior to standing here, I got text from an old friend from junior high. She was flying back to our home state of Rhode Island from L.A., in preparation to serve her father as the end draws near here and heaven awaits.

There was something special about this old friend. She never once questioned my story, my faith, or my knowing. She was always just all in when it came to supporting me as is. After all, she had supported me during those early 1990’s of feathered tunnel teased hair, MC Hammer  pants, and 7 miles of walking the mall every Friday night, clearly she could support a little story about Heaven.

This sweet one asked me if there was any way possible I could come visit her father. The part she didn’t know, was when I started my business a few weeks ago, I decided no men for now, and I hadn’t even considered end of life care as an option. However, the moment she asked I heard Jesus, and he was a big ol’ “YES”.

In life, I have learned my obedience to Jesus’ calling is all I ever have to focus on. When He says it’s a go, I run not walk.

So here I am, at the feet of this glorious man who had served our country, and was a supervisor/social worker at DCYF for years in his career. I heard Jesus tell me automatically “He has served well. Pray for him aloud. Serve him” .

So there I stood, hands layed upon his paralyzed body, praying aloud. “Lord I ask you to deliver peace to this great man who has served you, this country, and your people well…”. My eyes are closed and it is as if I am standing in the brightest spot light of love. It felt as if the Heavens broke open to help me serve the server.

I continue to move through his body, clearing his energy, offering him peace, light, and love. I was moved to pray so many times, that we often wept together with what was felt in the room. The weeping wasn’t of sadness or pain, but of joy, hope and LOVE.

Prior, this great man, told me of stories about always showing up and doing the work. He kept saying “I always rang the bell”. I heard Jesus tell me to tell him – “it’s time to let someone else ring the bell. It’s time to let others serve you”.

When I was done, I could easily identify it as the most Jesus thing I have ever done. I realized the greatness of deliverance and the celebration of life when sitting in the in-between. I made a life commitment to always honor this work and show up as a vessel of connection.

I thanked this beautiful man for trusting and accepting me. I also thanked him for the lessons he helped deliver me.

As if I couldn’t have felt more Jesus then what was already experienced, something glorious happened on my way out. The family was interviewing for extra caregiver help. When she came in, I was making my rounds saying goodbye to the family. In that moment I hear her tell the beautiful man I just worked on, “I am a little different, I died when I was a kid and came back. I am very spiritual.” We all stood in shock – except for the great man I worked on who might have said “get the F out of here- I just heard this story” (FYI he is VERY funny).

I introduced myself to this sweet woman. Her experience happened one town over from where mine did. Our stories so similar – even to keeping it a secret and not knowing what it was called until Oprah did a show on near death experiences. It was validation for us both that God has blessed us, and we should walk in faith knowing He brought us back for a particular purpose.

To serve.

Before I headed back to earth Jesus asked me “what have you done for your fellow man”, I will never have to stop and think of this answer again when I am received. As I have lived my life in “what have I NOT done for my fellow man”.

The gorgeous light of man will arrive to Him soon, and he too will answer this question the same. He has served abundantly. What a great honor it was of mine to serve him.

***update: this gorgeous light of a soul returned home on 4/29/19 surrounded by love. He is FREE***


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