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Furry Ap-paw-s

0F5B147D-7EFC-4898-B0D8-C5FAF0BB8A00Meet Milo.  He is my first furry client success!

His sweet human Momma purchased reiki for him in the past for some anxiety. She reported he enjoyed it. This is what prompted me to want to try my gifts on him as well.

In my last post I told you all about our moment together, and how he requested for more energy clearing by putting his paws around me. After that post, his human Momma gave me a follow up to what has changed.

Milo is a rescue dog and suffers from unknown trauma. His human Momma reported that every time she cooked, Milo would run away scared and hide under the covers. She reports: “Since you’ve left he hasn’t done that”.

Why is this such a HUGE success? As humans we can explain anything as being true and effective when it is of a spiritual/energetic of nature. It’s often deemed subjective reporting and up to interpretation. However, this sweet furry friend had a clear trauma he had been triggered by for years, and now he doesn’t. Its behavioral data explained only by a treatment I have given him. Which to me is a message to the naysayers, and a clear win!

Milo- thanks for being my first furry success and receiving what I offered!


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Showing Up

08BCEBDF-3813-4E26-BF7A-19DDF9B79FC0Sometimes the universe speak words out of others mouths that are meant entirely just for you in that very moment. I sat there in the auditorium listening to one of my greatest influencers speak, and she said these words:

“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up”-Brene’ Brown

Showing up meant believing in myself enough to do what I am being called to do. It also meant to not shrink in shame and explain why or how through others judgements. It meant to trust the knowing and step into it.

The lovely woman sitting next to me was where I would start. Her body kept asking me to clear it, while we intently listened to Brene’. I kept wondering how I could lay my hands on her abdomen without it being socially awkward. The answer was there was no way. So on my way out I told her how I needed to “show up” immediately.

A few days later,  I am at her feet with my hands around her ankles asking her body what it needed. I showed up. I felt her female side of her body imbalanced. I moved up knowing her body was needing a cleanse for new life. At her abdomen, I instinctively know what to pull out, and what to put in. My palms feel like they are on fire. I hear the words “sixteen”. I try to ignore it, wondering why am I thinking about this number. I say it out loud just incase it means something. Tears well up in her eyes and she said “We conceived on the 16th”. This is the moment I realize my knowing is deeper then I thought. That my random thoughts while in someones energy field isn’t actually random at all. That I was to speak whatever I hear, yielding to be a vessel of the only source I let enter my being: God.

The moment I surrendered to the knowing, I started seeing visions (ex. something in nature would remind her of her miscarried child), I started hearing (ex. purple heart), and I starting feeling (ex. predicting some clarity in May and a pregnancy of a boy in the future). The most important part of this experience was having someone willing to receive the gift God has granted me. By the end of our session together, I felt I had gifted her far more than an energy clearing. The Holy one that danced in my blood stream using me as a vessel had confirmed what she needed to hear.

She also mentioned she had gotten her dog reiki in the past for anxiety. I asked if she minded if I tried. Her dog was barking and running all around. He hardly wanted to be pet by me, how was I to do energy healing? I thought, “Lord I am not sure of this one”. I had no idea what I was doing, but I showed up anyway. I placed my hands on his little body. This sweet little boy stood statue still and received what I offered. He looked relieved. When he was done he ran away. His owner scooped him up to say goodbye, and this little guy put out his paws and embraced me, wanting more. So there I was, still as can be, hands around his neck, offering him a spirit cleanse.

I realized by showing up and being open, that my purpose would rise from the unknowing to the knowing. The best kind of growth comes outside of comfort zones. It was the first time in my life I showed up for what I am meant to do. It took me 42 years to realize I am a healer.

This day was when I took my training wheels off. It was only two weeks ago. Since, I have felt like I have already ridden a cycling marathon without a helmet. All of faith focused on the One that matters, showing up saying: “Use me Lord”.

Showing up is the hardest part. It’s also the easiest when your arrive and realize you should have done it ages ago.




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