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Much like a butterfly, a human can easily be compared in its stages of metamorphism’. We appear from a well cocooned infant in a mother’s womb, to a developing moth, and finally a well intended, beautiful butterfly. What differs between our species and theirs is their metamorphose has stopped there and ours continues.

We often think that once we have hit “adulthood” we are done “growing”. That we have lived our life, made who we are, and that our contribution to this earth is apparent by now with nothing more and nothing less. When in fact, the beauty of our species is just beginning.

I feel sorry for those who get stuck at the frame of mind there is no more to give, no more to change, and through up their arms to God with statements like “I am who I am”. The fact of the matter is we all have the ability to continue to be reborn in various ways. Sure we can change major things like careers, homes, marriages, families, etc., but dare to take time to change even the smallest of “who you are”. Tip toe out of your comfort zone, or redefine the personality you would like to own. You aren’t “born” to be selfish or negative–it is indeed a daily choice you have made. Much like trying to lose weight and dieting– you need a desire for change.

Sometimes just taking the world in around you from a different perspective can feed you knowledge in where you need to work on feeling more grounded or connected. Today alone I did two things I normally wouldn’t do. Today was a hot , hot day. My car read 102 degrees and being 32 weeks pregnant I was feeling desperate. My kids weren’t home, and I decided to put my bathing suit on and jump in the kiddie pool minus any kids. I thought about the fact my neighbors may find it strange to look out their window and see a big ol’ pregnant women floating motionless in a kiddie pool.Then I decided who cares–I am hot, and I spend way to much time thinking about what others may think instead of enjoying life. And so I hopped in and floated–motionless. I live surrounded by large trees and looking up it gave me a moment’s peace I hadn’t seen in a while. Just enough to praise God and think of the many opportunities He has blessed me with (including a kiddie pool big enough to house me). I then came in and did the second thing I have never done before– shower in a different bathroom! GASP I know! I have been in this house for a number of years and never ventured into the “other” shower. My husband has been holding out on me, as the shower head killed that lower back pain this baby has been giving me. And suddenly I saw my home from a different perspective then I had hours before just by doing two things I hadn’t thought or tried to do prior. No it isn’t earth shattering Ah-ha moments but it is knowledge none the less.

We all have parts of us we wish we could “tweak”. Instead of excusing ourselves with “that is just the way God made me”– why not call upon Him to help assist you in change. Don’t you think you owe it to the world and this life time to be the best YOU that you can be. Thinking your metamorphosis ends with becoming a grown-up is just plain silly. Make it a mission, a life drive, to consciously regroup, refocus, recreate, reborn the person you want to be. Find small things to do in order to redirect and find another perspective. Never ever say words like “I can’t” or “that just isn’t me”. Just like we tell kids “you don’t know if you like vegetables unless you try it”– this lesson can be a metaphor for all of life.

Invest in being the person you always envisioned you wanted to be. When you believe it, work at it, and have faith, it is the only option in the end for you to be.


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Life has been hectic. I am sure I don’t have to tell you of these times. Moments that seem like days are on speed as they pass by yet not enough is getting done. I have been neglectful of not only taking time for this blog that often is my soul anchor, but also in savoring a moment. Every time I return to this place it reminds to do 2 things that as a human I often forget in daily life: slow down, and praise God. And so in the moment of chaos I am sitting to write all of you.

I love when things seem coincidental when really they are really God intended teachings. I just put my daughter down to sleep, and with an hour or so of reprieve, I thought about watching meaningless tv and eating ice cream sounded like a great way to regroup. I turn the tv on and what is on? Wayne Dyer on Wishes Fulfilled. As always, his words spoke to me, and just when I thought “change the channel go for the less thought tv”, I was drawn in more. I love how he has progressed from early on self-help writer/speaker, to deeply thought out spiritual teachings using the bible to reflect on his teachings minus a religious sector to define it.

This led me to thinking why is today any different then yesterday? What have I done differently, and how have I made time for God? The truth is being pregnant is the perfect reminder to praise God.

My joke post baby #1 has always been “the miracle is lost” let’s get this baby out! Let’s face it pregnancy is not fun, comfortable, or new when it is not your first. Although it is hard to doubt the “miracle” when you think about the fact the movement inside ones swelling belly is in fact just that–a miracle! How could anyone deny God’s existence when feeling a life inside you? So although I am looking for the ending to the miracle of pregnancy, and the start of the miracle of new life, I can’t help but stop myself each time the baby tumbles or hiccups and praise Him. This God intended life is growing inside my body, and for that, no matter how chaotic life seems, I can doing nothing more than be thankful and still (even 3rd time around) be in awe.

In my moment of unpacking and packing boxes while moving around our house making room for baby, I hope to always remember to take the time to nurture the most important relationship to me even if for a moment. My wish is to live each day with great intention, but the truth is we are all human and at fault of this.

Grab ahold of your day and ask yourself how today will be different then the next. What is it about today that has nurtured your existence with God? How can you live life with better intention? There is no solid answer for everyone to these questions, they are individualized and sacred. It is your job to find your own answer.

May you find your “miracle” in life as easy as a moving life inside you.

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