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Answers To Prayers

People have an idea of prayer that often isn’t congruent to what it actually is. Often I hear people say, “But I prayed about it He didn’t answer”, or “Every time I ask I never receive”. Here is the thing–prayer isn’t a Christmas list of sorts. It can’t be your list of I wants and when it isn’t produced you suddenly lose faith in the glory of God. Sometimes, most often, the answer He is giving you is not the answer you expect or looking for. This often gets judged by us greedy souls as being unanswered.

Do you believe in signs? Do you believe that sometimes when you think your prayer hasn’t been answered something appears or happens that is oh so coincidental? Or even take away the prayer, just the mind chatter?

I believe as humans we reduce the importance of our own mind connecting to our surroundings. We chalk things up as “it’s just chance” or “women’s intuition”. The fact is we all have that inner feeling that we often mistrust. The ability to produce goosebumps when something moves us. The mind control to think of something and then WHAM it happens. How many times have you thought of someone you haven’t seen or talk to and suddenly your phone rings, or they are standing next to you at the deli counter? Chance some would say–I say not.

Yesterday I was driving to work and suddenly thought about what one might do if they were in an accident during rush hour. How would I get a hold of the job I was working at when I don’t even have their phone number in my phone? How would they cover my no-show? (I am a substitute teacher) What about those with important meetings and deadlines? Not five seconds after these thoughts ran through my head that suddenly five cars in front me, an accident. If I had been a minute ahead it would have been me living my very concerns.

Months ago, as I have written many times on this blog, I found myself on my knees begging for God to hear me. “What do you want me to do?” I’d ask. When I wasn’t getting the answers I had wanted, I had thought maybe He wasn’t listening. I needed a plan. I wanted to see what next steps in life I was about to take. I wanted control. I prayed every day. I prayed until I had nothing else in me. Months went by and my answer came with 2 lines on a pregnancy test. A test I took when I suddenly, out of no where, realized the tiredness, and flu-like symptoms could be more than just holiday craze. Two lines I had not planned, or ever imagined being the answer. Two lines a miracle. Two lines perfectly God intended. I will forever remember that moment of realization every time I look into my baby boy’s eyes coming to me this Summer. Sometimes the answers to our prayers look nothing like what we had assumed they’d be. Currently my answer happens to be kicking me from the inside!

I should have known I was pregnant. The main sign I am always given was shown to me prior to that test. I am not talking morning sickness, or food aversions. I am talking cardinals. Cardinals in all seasons are my sign from God that either I am pregnant, or someone close to me is. On an early December day at the park that I decided to go for a run after a long prayer session I saw more than one. I even remember thinking “I wonder who is pregnant?”. Weeks later in the same park, post positive  test ,I saw a few more and had a good laugh. I should have known. This has always been my signal of babies on the way, and I have rarely ever noticed them in nature otherwise.

When taking in the idea of prayer one must take in the contents of much more than your hands folding and your soul asking. You need to consider the different ways He can speak to you. You need to consider the strength of your own soul, your own intuition, even your own thought. Next time you wonder why something seems a little to coincidental take a moment to think about the message He could be sending you. Do no doubt the power within, or the power of HIm. He is always answering. You are the one that needs to be listening, and open to receiving it.


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