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It has been a life time that took me here. A spot I am still unsure of, a place I’m still uneasy about sharing, a space that I hold dearest.

I come to you through months of prayer. I kept seeking my “what to do” next while have long drawn conversations with God. The all loving God that once told my spirit it was “to soon to die”, and that I needed to go back to my body and “make a difference”. The lines “What have you done for man kind” ring in my ear, and I remember all that I learned that day. That day I died.

My story is a simple but complex one. One that many people find inaccurate, one I sheltered from the world for as long as I can remember. I was alone in my dying experience, and this made me disconnected in many ways to the rest of the world. Who would believe a kid anyway? It wasn’t until the past few years I found the courage to speak up after getting some unanswered questioned confirmed. Once I began speaking up, I realized what I was meant to do with this experience. It led me to a terrific show that will feature my story this Winter, and the pressing voice inside to start this blog.

I just want to thank you for visiting. You may come here out of disbelief and wanting to dismantle my story. Please realize this is my story, and my story alone. I am not preaching, or advocating how any of you should or should not practice faith. Since this is a place of peace, negative, hurtful, or harmful words will be deleted. I hope you can understand why.

May you find peace in God’s light. It is in the core of every single one of you, and takes only a moment to listen to.


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